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Woman's uterus with IUD painting
Woman’s uterus with IUD (birth control).

I’ve been thinking for a while now that I need to have more of a presence on social media. Much of my art is political in nature, and it is helpful for perspective to engage with people who are like-minded and those who are not to make my art more nuanced and reflective.

I regularly paint art that deals with the following “charged” topics:

  • gay and lesbian issues
  • transgender issues
  • women’s rights and feminism
  • religion
  • animal issues
  • political commentary

Please join me on Twitter.

Most-viewed painting sells after nearly 15,000 views

Mature artI’m a stats junkie. I’m geeky that way. I’m unhealthily obsessed with my Etsy store stats dashboard. However, you may also find this little piece of stats-goodness interesting.

I sold my most-viewed painting ever last week. It received nearly 15,000 total views (14,614 to be exact). It was wildly popular. To put this in perspective, my next three most popular paintings have received 3,600; 3,000; and 18,000 views respectively. An average painting of mine has around 150 views.

What was the topic of this painting you ask? Well, let’s just say it is a NSFW piece of art that involved nudity. You can see the painting by going to my Sold Items in my Etsy store.

Original painting listings on

I spent some time this last week trying to find a plugin that is compatible with this website so that I can list my paintings for sale. This endeavor was more challenging than I anticipated. I tried a few different plugins, but each of them had dealbreaker issues and wouldn’t work correctly. For example, one wouldn’t allow me to edit listings after they were published and would delete the title of the listing. Ugh!

But I finally did find and upload a plugin that seems to be working for now. Here is a link to the painting listings I’ve created so far. Yeah, there are only a few of them right now. It will take some effort to get all the paintings I have on Etsy (nearly 300) listed on this website. I wish I could automate this process, but for now, I couldn’t find a reliable plugin to do this.

Website design is definitely a learning experience for a noob like me. Ah well, it keeps me busy and engaged.

Sale on original nude paintings on Etsy

Nude painting sale on Etsy

Nude art sale

One of my most popular listings on Etsy right now is an art sale I am running: any 3 nude original paintings for $35. It’s a great deal for completely original, one-of-a-kind, signed artwork.

My nude art section of my Etsy store currently has 82 original pieces of art. You can see all of them here.

My paintings of nudity

Nude male original artNude art of both women and men, with an emphasis on gay art, is my favorite subject to paint. There is a lot of cultural and religious uptightness around nudity and sexuality that causes all sorts of problems, not the least of which is psychological for many people. I hope that my art can shine a spotlight on the problem, celebrate the beauty of the human body, and the joy of people connecting with one another.


Modern paintings for sale online

Nude woman, watercolor, original painting
Nude ballerina, glittery watercolor, original painting

When I do a search for “fine art for sale” or any variation thereof, the Google search results deliver up a number of sites that sell high-priced prints.

With StickyKitties, my goal is to offer affordably priced (inexpensive!) original art. This art niche seems nearly impossible to find. My guiding philosophy is that art should be accessible to and within reach of anyone who is interested and would like to own “an original.”

Indeed, StickyKitties sells quality art that can fit within anyone’s budget.

I sell art here on and also via my Etsy store.